1. Implantation of Toric lense-A Latest Technic
2. Phaco Emulsification by Sovereign-USA
3. Vitrioretinal Surgery by Accures-USA
4. Glaucoma Surgery
5. Pterigium with Autograft
6. Laser for Diabetic Retinopathy
7. Oculoplastic Surgery
8. Spectacle Independent Life with Multi Focal-IOL
9. Lasik Laser Surgery- To Remove Glasses after 18 Yrs. Of age-Myopia Hypermetropia & Astigmatism
10. Contact Lenses- Daily Wear & Disposable
Surgical facilities in details are:-

Phaco emulsification in almost all types of soft and hard cataract, with the help of CTR (capsular tension ring) phaco in dislocated and subluxated cataract. We are performing phaco with incision size 2.75mm and 2.2mm. We perform phaco in topical and peribulbar as per requirement. We are using all types of imported premium foldable intra ocular lenses. We are the largest user of premium visco elastic material healon and viscoat in Varanasi.


Toric foldable IOL surgery with the help of Auto keratometer, manual keratometer and ORBSCAN corneal topography for cylindrical axis measurement.


We are using multi focal lenses for last 2-years. From all premium companies e.g. ALCON, AMO, CARL-ZEISS.


We do exchange of IOL in our cases or cases from other hospital if there is any problem with existing IOL.


Phaco surgery in lens induced Glaucoma cases after IOP (Intra Ocular Pressure) control.


Glaucoma surgery- to arrest progression of glaucoma and IOP control.


All types Vitrio retinal surgeries and laser performed by our retina specialist Dr. Jayant Guha M.B.B.S., M.S.(Ophth) from New-Delhi. He visits our center on 1st Saturday and Sunday of every month. We have already performed more than 40 vitrio retinal surgery in last one year, which is an achievement for any eye hospital in Varanasi.


We are performing LASIK laser surgery to remove spectacles.

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