Alcon Infiniti

The Alcon Allegretto Wavelight EX 500 is the worlds fastest LASIK machine. It tracks your eye 1064 times per second to ensure exceptionally fast and accurate surgery. It also has online pachymetry which double checks the thickness of your cornea during surgery to ensure safety. We use the wavefront optimized treatment in most of our patients to provide individualised and personalised surgery. For more details, go to www.alconsurgical .com/Wavelight-Ex500-Excimer-Laser.aspx and go through our LASIK link.


Alcon Infiniti

The Alcon Infinity is one of the latest phaco-emulsification machines (forth generation) worldwide. It uses the Ozil technology to ensure that no energy is released within the eye and there is minimal trauma to the eye during surgery and you maintain excellent vision even many years after surgery. . It maintains a very stable environment during surgery to ensure a high quality, complication free surgery due to its many surge reducing technologies that it incorporates. It can be easily referred to as every surgeons envy, owners pride!


Alcon Accurus

The Accurus machine from Alcon is a high speed vitrectomy machine for vitreoretinal surgeries. We perform all our vitreoretinal surgeries using this machine in a sutureless manner. This machine enables the use of 23 or 25 gauge vitrectomy to allow sutureless surgery. It is also got a high speed cutter which allows exceptional quality of surgery with no drag on the vitreous or retina.


AMO Sovereign ICE

This is a third generation phacoemulsification machine from AMO (Abott Medical Optics) with advanced ICE technology. This ensures cold phaco and minimal endothelial damage even in hard Cataracts. It is a tried and trusted platform with anterior vitrectomy provision in the same machine.

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