This laser is performed used for peripheral iridectomy in angle closure glaucoma to create an alternate route for the fluids of the eye to flow and control glaucoma. It is also used for cleaning of posterior capsule opacification following cataract surgery. You don't require to keep any precautions following these procedures, as they are done from outside the eye without any cuts or stitches. It is also totally painless and done in minutes.





The BIOMEDIX frequency doubled Nd YAG solid state retinal laser is a versatile laser machine that can be used on the slit lamp, with indirect ophthalmoscopy and in the operation theater for endolaser. It is essential in the treatment of : - Diabetic retinopathy. For performing Pan Retinal Photocoagulation (PRP), focal laser and macular grid Delimitation of lattices, holes which are common in people having minus power glasses (myope) During vitreoretinal surgeries in the operation theatre by a retinal surgeon.

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