What is an Implantable Contact Lens (ICL)?

The Collamer ICL™ is an extra lens, similar to a contact lens. The difference is that the ICL is placed inside your eye, rather than on the surface of your eye. The lens is soft and tiny, much like your natural lens, but does not replace it. The ICL is specially shaped to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. The Toric ICL™ also corrects nearsightedness with astigmatism. The lens works by changing the way light is focused on the retina.


How is it put into my eye?

Because the ICL is tiny and soft, it can be folded up so small that it can be injected into your eye in seconds through a tiny hole underneath your eyelid. Once injected, the ICL unfolds into position in the liquid between your iris and your natural lens – and there it stays, correcting your eyesight without any further treatment being necessary (the ICL can also be removed or replaced, if required, in another simple procedure).


What is it made of?

What is it made of? The ICL is made of a unique material called Collamer®. Collamer has a number of special qualities, the most important being that it is accepted by your body as not being a 'foreign tissue'. This means that your body happily accepts it without reacting to it and trying to attack or reject it. Other special features of Collamer are its optical clarity and the flexibility and elasticity that allow it to be folded up and then to recover its correct shape in the liquid inside your eye.



The Implantable Contact Lens treatment

Certain eye measurements will need to be taken and evaluated prior to scheduling your treatment.

Prior to implantation of the Collamer ICL™, you will receive topical anesthetic drops so you won't feel anything. Your physician may administer a sedative.

First, a tiny incision will be made where the white of your eye meets with the coloured part (corneal/scleral junction).
Second, a gel-like substance will be injected into your eye and the ICL will be injected in front of your iris.
Then the ICL is carefully placed behind the iris and the gel is removed from your eye.

That is it, done! The cut that was made will not need any suturing – it will seal together naturally and heal in a very short time.

Implanting the ICL is considered an outpatient procedure and takes about 15 to 30 minutes in total. A few hours after surgery you will be able to leave the clinic accompanied by a friend or relative. Your doctor will advise you how soon afterwards you may safely operate a motor vehicle.


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